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Ryan Moloney: “That’s not how you treat people.”

Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has weighed into the minimal attention given to the cast at the Logie Awards after their 37 years of production.

On Sunday actors Daniel MacPherson and Natalie Bassingthwaighte presented the Most Popular New Talent award and acknowledged the show’s legacy of discovering stars, with a montage of soapie scenes.

But the room was denied a chance to give the cast a standing ovation, by not bringing them out on stage.

Speaking to 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin, Moloney said, “We turned up there, and we did our mandatory three hour talking to people on the red carpet. When we got in the room we ended up being split up and stuck on two different tables, it was horrible!

“Our table was actually even stuck behind the cameras, we couldn’t even see the stage… So we figured we weren’t going to get a gig then.”

Asked if he felt let down he replied, “In all honesty is that incredibly disappointing the package that they put together,” Moloney said.

Elsewhere he continued: “Daniel (MacPherson) and Nat (Bassingthwaighte) are just absolutely gorgeous people and absolutely nothing against them, but we‘ve got people who have been on TV for nearly 30 years each, and I think probably the least they could do is get us to say something … I mean we’re in the bloody Hall of Fame, that’s not how you treat a show that’s in the Hall of Fame. I mean good luck to the Logies really,” he said.




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