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Paolo Banchero is an early leader for best NBA Draft suit

I’m not going to pretend that I have the fashion skills to adequately evaluate the quality of this suit, but looking at the reaction from the youth on Twitter, apparently this is a very good suit.

To me he looks like the Joker — or maybe a Prince cover artist playing at a Myrtle Beach House of Blues. By my old man eyes, I’m left wondering if this isn’t a ploy to lull the Orlando Magic into taking him with the No. 1 overall pick by being dressed by a real-life Warlock. Like I said though, this is by my old man eyes. Obviously this is an immaculately tailored suit, and honestly, I wish I could pull off this shade or purple without looking like Grimace, but I digress.

Perhaps the most alarming part of this is the glow up Paolo had from his daytime to evening wear. Hours earlier this was him, looking like the trip leader of an outdoor club who’s making sure everyone packed their water purification tablets.

Now he’s ready to be drafted and become an icon. What a day.



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