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FairPlay Group Emerges as Market Leader in India’s Multi-Faceted Online Sports Platform


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 FairPlay Group, the world’s largest sports exchange, has emerged as the market leader in providing multi-faceted online gaming experiences and updates.


In a country that is fixated with all things sports, particularly cricket, FairPlay Group has successfully become a household name with its multitude of offerings.


The first and most widely visited platform – FairPlay Club offers sports enthusiasts from all around the world the chance to not only enjoy the live streaming of matches but also to make a hefty profit by wagering on the matches alongside. Cricketer Sunil Narine has been the face of the venture.


FairPlay Club, with an active user base of a staggering 2,00,000 is best known for offering the most profitable odds, thus ensuring the heftiest profits a user can make across any competing platform.


With over 30 premium sports, live cards and casino games with real dealers, FairPlay Club members are truly spoilt for choice.


On the other hand, FairPlay News ( has backed many teams across various leagues while bringing to enthusiasts the latest sports news, updates and exclusive player bytes.The latest feather in their cap is the recently launched FairPlay Fantasy ( – a one of a kind fantasy platform where the user can predict the results of an ongoing match. Bollywood celebrities Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor have endorsed this offering from the FairPlay Group.


Fantasy is a sports enthusiast’s paradise where they can explore all the exciting permutations and combinations of individual skills and knowledge.

“Designed and curated by industry veterans,” a FairPlay Group spokesperson said, “The aim was to create an all-inclusive platform where a sports enthusiast can find everything they could imagine under one umbrella.”

The easy-to-use interface of FairPlay Club ( has helped to gain more traction from the users. It also has tutorial videos and elaborate rules and regulations for a debutante.


Offering a hefty 200% first deposit bonus and a range of other promotional bonuses such as the 15% weekly loss back through the IPL 2022, it has locked in the loyalty of its Club members with maximum effect.

FairPlay Group has truly risen to its aim of India’s first and only one-stop destination for all sports enterprises. All the sporting news and updates available on FairPlay News can be accessed on @FairPlay_News, for the exciting offers from FairPlay Club, one can follow @FairPlay_India and for fantasy gaming, enthusiasts can keep a tab on social media’s @FairPlay.Fantasy handle.

About Fairplay Group


FairPlay is India’s most trusted leading betting exchange and a one-stop-shop for all sports betting and leisure gambling needs. The platform provides a wide range of live casino games dealt with by real dealers instead of bots. Under its sports betting umbrella, FairPlay provides Cricket, Tennis, Football and over 30 other premium sports. The users can also enjoy live streaming of matches alongside live scorecards while placing their bets. All safety measures are taken concerning customer data and their transactions and no data are ever shared with a third party by FairPlay.

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