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Elon Musk Wishes Jack Dorsey Stayed On Twitter Board

When Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk, who is attempting to take over Twitter Inc TWTR, noted that the company’s founder Jack Dorsey had quit the social media firm’s board of directors, the latter reacted with an emoji.

What Happened: Dorsey posted an emoji of a galloping horse in response to Musk’s tweet. 

Musk said that he was a fan of Dorsey and wished he would stay on the board but understood that he needs to move on. 

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Why It Matters: A horse can be used to represent a stallion, according to Emojipedia. 

Twitter users tried to decipher the meaning of Dorsey’s cryptic tweet. 

Recently, Musk expressed concern about potential skeletons in Twitter’s closet after it was reported that the company agreed to pay a $150 million fine to Federal agencies.

Price Action: On Thursday, Twitter shares closed 6.4% higher at $39.54 in regular trading and fell 0.2% in the after-hours trading. On the same day, Tesla shares closed 7.4% higher at $707.73 in regular trading and rose 0.7% in the after-hours session, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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