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America’s Got Talent 2022 live – Simon Cowell interrupts Kieran Rhodes’ emotional performance during audition

COMPETITION show extravaganza America’s Got Talent returned Tuesday with another evening of incredible acts, including one shocking moment where a young musician was interrupted.

Judge Simon Cowell asked AGT hopeful Kieran Rhodes to stop his Billy Joel cover and perform an original song instead.

The 20-year-old singer and pianist went on to play his song called Disengage – an emotional ballad written during a tough time in Kieran’s life.

The four judges were blown away by Kieran’s audition, and sent him to the next round with a unanimous vote.

Earlier in the episode, contestant Jannick Holste wowed judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon, and Sofía Vergara with an act combining magic and dancing.

The “completely original” audition blew the judges away, but Cowell joked that the act was “horrendous” because Holste used a tune by Klum for the act.

“The vocals on that song was like someone had trodden on a cat,” Cowell said of Klum’s music, earning boos from the crowd.

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  • Ventriloquism is popular on AGT

    Despite the fact that the majority of AGT winners have been singers and musicians, ventriloquism is the second most popular skill, Insider reported.

    Terry Fator on season two, Paul Zerdin on season 10, and Darci Lynne Farmer on season 12 have all been ventriloquists.

  • Injuries during performances are common

    On AGT, some of the performances are risky, and they don’t always go as planned.

    For example, during their act on season 11, competitor Ryan Stock was unintentionally wounded in the neck by his fiancée AmberLynn Walker with a flaming arrow, Insider reported.

    Despite the fact that he only had a minor injury, the couple was eliminated from the competition.

  • Who were the 10 finalists in AGT 2021?

    The top 10 finalists were:

    • Opera singer Victory Brinker, nine years old from Pennsylvania
    • Magician Léa Kyle, 25, from France
    • Northwell Health Nurse Choir from New York
    • Popstar Brooke Simpson, 30, from North Carolina
    • Comedian Josh Blue, 42, from Colorado
    • Singer Jimmie Herrod, 30, from Oregon
    • World Taekwondo Demonstration Team from South Korea
    • Aerialist Aidan Bryant, 16, from Virginia
    • Comedian Gina Brillon, 41, from New York
  • History of AGT

    Simon Cowell, the founder of X Factor and a Sony Music executive, came up with the idea for America’s Got Talent because he wanted to create a talent competition that was far more spectacular than prior broadcast talent shows.

    His plan, which he initially pitched to British television network ITV in 2005, was for a competition in which anyone of any age or location could compete and perform whatever type of skill they wanted.

    The network liked the notion and approved the creation of a pilot episode to test the model, with Cowell and two other judges constituting a panel.

    The pilot was a huge success.

  • AGT contestants who got Golden Buzzers

    Throughout the seasons, there have been a number of memorable performances on AGT, but only a select few have gotten Golden Buzzers from judges and guest judges.

    Some of those acts are:

    • Drew Lynch from Howie Mandel in Season 10
    • Freckled Sky from Howard Stern in Season 10
    • Piff The Magic Dragon from Neil Patrick Harris in Season 10
    • Laura Bretan from Mel B in Season 11
    • Grace VanderWaal from Howie Mandel in Season 11
    • Sal Valentinetti from Heidi Klum in Season 11
    • Darci Lynne Farmer from Mel B in Season 12
    • Mandy Harvey from Simon Cowell in Season 12
    • Courtney Hadwin from Howie Mandel in Season 13
    • Kodi Lee from Gabrielle Union in Season 14
    • Joseph Allen from Howie Mandel in Season 14
    • Christina Rae from Heidi Klum in Season 15
    • Nightbirde from Simon Cowell in Season 16
  • Sofia presses the Golden Buzzer!

    “I want to be part of this!” Sofia exclaimed before slamming the Golden Buzzer, sending The Mayyas Dance Crew to the live shows.

    Sofia went onstage to celebrate with the group of women.

    The performers could be seen collecting golden confetti to commemorate the moment.

    “This is a life changing experience for us,” one of the dancers said.

  • ‘Best dance ever’

    “This really really will make a difference, full stop,” Simon said.

    “It was arguably the best dance we’re likely to have ever seen. And we’re honored to have you here.”

  • Hypnotic act

    The Mayyas Dance Crew got a standing ovation as everyone was stunned through the creative dance.

    “Have you ever seen something so magical?!” Sofia tweeted.

  • The Mayyas pay homage to Nightbirde

    The leader of the Mayyas Dance Crew said that he was inspired by watching Nightbirde perform on America’s Got Talent last year.

    The giant group of Lebanese women said that they’re going to try to hypnotize the judges through their mesmerizing dance.

  • ‘Something new’

    “I’ve seen a lot of danger acts and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Heidi said.

    “Real family entertainment,” joked Simon.

    When Simon asked how the act could progress, Testa promised that there is “much more” to come.

  • Chester’s danger dare

    With intense music playing, the stuntman demonstrated the sharpness of his swords.

    Chester then burned his foot on a flame in front of the audience, causing the judges to squeal.

    The madman then climbed a ladder of swords as the audience and the judges watched through their fingers.

    Chester then dangled from the top of a ladder with a sword at his neck.

  • Most dangerous act

    Stuntman Testa said: “Nothing can go wrong because if something goes wrong, I will die.”

    “I explroe the limits of the body.”

  • Dancing dog gets four yeses

    A German woman and her Australian Shepherd told a story through dancing and costume changes.

    The act won the hearts of the audience and the judges, with Sofia saying that it was “so cute.”

  • Cline Twins put on ‘incredible’ act

    A pair of 16-year-old brothers perform an energetic routine with hockey sticks and pucks, causing the audience to cheer and get on their feet.

    “This is incredible,” Terry Crews said to the camera.

    “I like it, I’ve never seen it,” Howie comments to the other judges.

  • Over 200 impressons

    Justin said that he has over 200 impressions in his repertoire.

    His performance included impressions of: Mark Wahlberg, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, Harrison Ford, and Liam Neeson.

  • Polyamorous stunt double

    Comedian and actor Justin said on stage that he was smiling at his partners, his wife and their girlfriend, in the crowd.

    “That makes me want to give you a yes right now,” Howie said.

  • ‘A whole new level’

    Heidi Klum said that the dancer brought pole-dancing to a “whole new level.”

    “That was fascinating, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and the story,” Sofia said.

    “You deserve to be here – you deserve to be on the biggest stage in the world.”

    Simon went on to say the performance was “phenomenal.”

    “We’ll be seeing you soon, that’s four yeses.”

  • Million dollar act?

    Heidi Klum asked Australian dancer and mom Krissy Sellars if she thinks her pole dancing routine is a “million dollar act.”

    “I hope so,” the mom responded before taking the stage with a gravity-defying dance complete with mind-bending background visuals adding to the spectacle.

  • ‘3,000 yeses’

    Simon Cowell said that Kieran Rhodes gets “3,000 yeses.”

    “I hope that this audition changes your life,” Simon said.

  • Emotional performance

    Kieran gets a standing ovation after performing his emotional ballad.

    “I think we just witnessed something super special,” host Terry Crews said after the song.

    “I could listen to you play for hours,” Sofia said.

  • Simon interrupts Kieran Rhodes

    “I think AGT is the best way to introduce myself to the world,” the shy singer said before taking to the piano.

    Simon interrupted the young artist and asked him to perform an original song.

    Kieran goes on to perform his song called Disengage, which he wrote during a period of depression.

  • Simon teases Heidi

    Simon Cowell said that Jannick’s music choice was terrible “like cats being tread on.”

    Simon clarified that he was kidding because, of course, it was fellow judge Heidi Klum’s song.

  • Jannick leads a chant

    The original performer led the crowd in a chant for “Heidi!”

    The judges praise Jannick for his completely authentic routine.

  • ‘I love you Heidi’

    A 19-year-old German superfan of Heidi Klum has taken the stage.

    “I love everything you do, Heidi,” Jannick said.

    “In Germany, this is the biggest TV show in the world,” the dance teacher said before performing a dance and magic routine to one of Heidi’s songs.

    During his performance with multiplying backup dancers, Jannick even jumped into the splits.

  • ‘Dry’ comedians lately

    Simon Cowell said that recent comic auditions have been “dry,” but that Lace was naturally funny.

    As Simon made the remark, comedian Connor King grimaced at the camera – figuring that the judge might have been talking about his lackluster audition.



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