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Best Tools for Self Myofascial Release

Massages are expensive. And your favorite place is always booked. But there’s a reason why many top athletes get massages every single day:...



Patriotic Porridge (Cream of Wheat)

Start your morning off with this is simple festive breakfast that will fill everyone up. Cream of wheat is topped with fresh berries...

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How Is Trauma Stored In the Body? An Expert Explains

Trauma. A short definition from the American Psychological Association describes trauma as an “emotional response to a terrible event.” The ambiguity of this...

The Best Way to Rent Cars in NYC (and Everywhere!)

My kids have always loved rental cars. (Toby has even made photo books!) Through the years, we have tried out all the different...

Coffee Break: Muslin Blanket –

This may be a weird one, but it really is one of my recent favorite purchases — the kind where you buy one...

The Magical 10-Year Plan | Cup of Jo

When I was a teenager, I’d go to bed thinking about the future in so much detail that it felt like a hallucination....


But on the fourth day, he said, he was “surprised and disappointed” to see that he had tested positive again, and he suffered a...




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